Cilantro Thai & Vietnamese Cuisine, a place for a healthy and authentic, Thai and Vietnamese dining experience. We prepare all of our home-style cooking dishes including a variety of fresh vegetables, from our signature curry dishes, to our pan-fried items. The basil leaves are used in most Thai cooking and the famous Vietnamese noodle soup-PHO. Whether it is every signature bowl of noodle soup, Pad Thai or our Drunken Noodle, we offer the highest level of freshness in our ingredients; and to achieve this we believe in non-commercialized cooking; every dish is prepare with its individually required recipe and attention. Because of our deep conviction in the freshness of our food, our team makes daily morning trips to the grocery and other suppliers to pick out the freshest basil leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers, or baby corns just like our moms did back in our home countries. Also, here we only use all natural, zero-trans fat cooking oil. Besides healthy and fresh food, we also offer our valued customers a family-like atmosphere while dining at our establishment. We cook every single dish to accommodate the need and the taste of everyone that comes through our door, and the friendliest service possible-we promise!

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